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Mission of AFOS

  1. To make the Asian region excel in education and research in all aspects of osteoporosis, thereby bringing to the region the highest quality of healthcare in this field of medicine for charitable purposes beneficial to the community.
  2. To promote the prevention, management and research of osteoporosis and disseminate the result for public benefit.
  3. To encourage and support co-operative research in osteoporosis in Asia and beyond and disseminate the result for public benefit.
  4. To promote, foster, develop and assist medical and allied profession in the study of and the acquisition, dissemination and application of knowledge and information concerning the causes, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.
  5. To stimulate public interest and provide public education in the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and related problems and to assist in keeping the medical profession in the Asian region up-to-date in the latest developments in the field of medical and scientific research and methods of diagnosis, prevention and treatment of osteoporosis.

Member Societies

The Osteoporosis Society Of Hong Kong Osteoporosis Society of Macau Taiwan Osteoporosis Association Thai Osteoporosis Foundation Chinese Society of Osteoporosis and Bone Mineral Research
Malaysian Osteoporosis Society Korean Society of Osteoporosis Osteoporosis Society of the Philippines Japan Osteoporosis Society Osteoporosis Society Singapore

AFOS Council

Dr Fen Lee HEW (Malaysia)
Vice President
Dr Leilani MERCADO-ASIS (The Philippines)
Dr Ka Kui LEE (Hong Kong)
Dr Tang Ching LAU (Singapore)
Dr Ye-Soo PARK (Korea)
Dr Akira TAGUCHI (Japan)
Dr Hou NG (Macau)
Dr Unnop JAISAMRARN (Thailand)
Dr Paulo Chih-Hsing WU (Taiwan)
Dr Weibo XIA (China)

5th AFOS 2017 Scientific Committee

Scientific Committee
Dr Joanne LAM, Hong Kong
Dr Andrew Yiu Yan HO, Hong Kong
Dr Hou NG, Macau
Dr Kit Man VONG, Macau
Dr Keh-Sung TSAI, Taiwan
Dr Paulo Chih-Hsing WU, Taiwan
Dr Thawee SONGPATANASILP, Thailand
Dr Unnop JAISAMRURN, Thailand
Dr Weibo XIA, China
Dr Zhenlin ZHANG, China
Dr Si-Hoon LEE, Korea
Dr Jae-Hyup LEE, Korea
Dr Mark Anthony SANDOVAL, The Philippines
Dr Theresa Marie VALDEZ-FALLER, The Philippines
Dr Yasuhiro TAKEUCHI, Japan
Dr Akira TAGUCHI, Japan
Dr Manju CHANDRAN, Singapore
Dr Seng Bin ANG, Singapore

5th AFOS 2017 Local Organising Committee

Organising Chairperson
Dr Swan Sim YEAP
Deputy Organising Chairperson
Dr Boon Ping LIM
Dr Yew Siong SIOW
Dr Alexander TAN
Scientific Chairperson
Dr Siew Pheng CHAN
Deputy Scientific Chairperson
Dr Joon Kiong LEE
Scientific Committee
Dr Fen Lee HEW
Dr Swan Sim YEAP
Dr Yew Siong SIOW
Dr Winnie CHEE
Dr Fatt Soon LEE
Dr Zanariah HUSSEIN
Dr Jamiyah HASSAN
Sponsor Chairperson
Dr Fen Lee HEW
Sponsoring Committee
Dr Siew Pheng CHAN
Dr Swan Sim YEAP
Dr Boon Ping LIM
Dr Emily Man Lee GOH

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We welcome:

- Endocrinologists
- Orthopaedic Surgeons
- Rheumatologists
- Obstetricians & Gynecologists
- Oncologists
- Physicians / General Practitioners
- Trainees / MO
- Nurses
- Dietitians
- Nutritionists
- Radiographers
- Allied Health Professionals
- Pharmacists
and anyone involved in the management of patient with osteoporosis.